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            阿斯塔那-哈拉和卓古墓 阿斯塔那-哈拉和卓古墓 阿斯塔那-哈拉和卓古墓
            • 游客點(diǎn)評
            • 游客點(diǎn)評


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            2018-04-07 15:37:16

            This site has very little to see. There's only 3 tombs still open and they are not even well-maintained - one tomb has two mummies in it and the other two tombs have paintings on the wall. That's all you can see so don't bother visiting this site unless you have a lot of time to kill around Turpan. If you like mummies you should visit the National Museum in Urumqi.


            2017-12-19 13:59:50

            This Tang era site is where the royalty of the old kingdom of Gaochang were buried. In order to see the mummies, you must walk down steep, narrow passages. The perfectly preserved mummies reveal many details of life in those times. The walls of one show Jade Man, Gold Man, Stone Man and Wooden Man which symbolize Confucian virtues.


            2017-11-20 13:30:44

            Only 3 tombs were open in this large graveyard. Two were empty and one contained a male and female mummy. The Turpan museum has mummies, so rather than walk up and down into tombs in a hot graveyard, I'd rather see mummies in air conditioned comfort.


            2018-02-01 10:39:34

            There are only 3 tombs which could be visitedIn one of them there are some poor drawingsYou can visit these tombs only if you are close and you have nothing better to do !


            2018-01-13 07:45:07

            Stopping here on your way back from Bezeklik Caves can enhance your time at Turpan and Urumqi museums. Gives a sense of place to many of the treasures you will see.


            2017-12-12 19:02:15

            Only 3 tombs open, one contains 2 mummies and the other 2 paintings. Good to see them insitu but more to see in the Urumqi museum. Interesting but not worth going out of your way for. I must add though the new toilets here are the best in the whole of Xinjiang!


            2018-02-22 08:57:45

            Not much there but you can have a nice conversation with the older man responsible for the place.Most of what was in the tombs is now in the Museum.

            • 寫(xiě)點(diǎn)評
            • 寫(xiě)點(diǎn)評

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